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Biblical Conference held at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Belgrade, September 10–13, 2015 Ed. by Predrag Dragutinovic, Tobias Nicklas, Kelsie G. Rodenbiker, and Vladan Tatalovic Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe 453, Mohr Siebeck Tübingen 2017

The New Testament writings do not offer systematic Christology in the usual sense. In a certain way, however, they present more than just one systematic Christology and tell stories about and develop images of Jesus Christ. This is implicitly the case in texts like Paul's letters or the Book of Revelation. The present volume presents contributions dealing with Christ Stories in various New Testament and some non-canonical Christian texts, and others which raise the question of whether it is possible to describe (from a distinctly Christian perspective) Christ Stories present in Old Testament writings such as Isaiah or the Psalms. Contributions written from the perspective of Orthodox scholars are to be read in dialogue with the articles from Western authors – and vice versa. The book honors two important exegetes, Bishop Dr. Irinej Bulović and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Luz.

Survey of contents

I New Testament Books

Ulrich Luz: Der “Christus” der Matthäusgeschichte – Franz Tóth: Die inklusive Jesusgeschichte des Matthäusevangeliums zwischen Judentum und orthodoxer Kirche. Eine Response auf Ulrich Luz – David du Toit: “Es ist nichts Geheimes, das nicht ans Licht kommen soll.” Verhüllung und Enthüllung als Erzählmotiv und als narrative Strategie im Markusevangelium – Jens Schröter: The Story of Jesus Christ According to Luke-Acts – Wolfgang Grünstäudl: Companions, Hairs, and Swords. Preliminary Remarks on Dys/functional Variation in Luke's Story of Christ – Armand Puig i Tàrrech: Theological Parallels in the Infancy Narratives (Mt 1–2; Lk 1–2) – Christos Karakolis: Is Jesus a Prophet according to the Witness of the Fourth Gospel? A Narrative-Critical Perspective – Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr: Christ of Paul's story. Jesus Christ – Son of David and Son of God – Theodor Stoitchev: Jesus – Mensch von oben: Eine Diskussion mit Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr – Tobias Nicklas: Gibt es eine Christuserzählung des 2. Thessalonicherbriefes? – Predrag Dragutinović: Μνημόνευε Ἰησοῦν Χριστόν (2Tim 2,8): Jesusgeschichte und Pauluserzählung in den Pastoralbriefen – Susanne Luther: The Christ of James's Story – Michael Sommer: Die Jesusgeschichte und die Identitätsgeschichte der Offenbarung

II Other Early Christian Writings

Konrad Schwarz: Der “lebendige Jesus” im Thomasevangelium – Julia A. Snyder: Christ of the Acts of Andrew and Matthias – Paul Foster: The Story of Christ in the Writings of Ignatius

III Old Testament Perpectives

Tobias Nicklas: Isaiah's Story about Christ? Trying to Understand Early Christian Perspectives on Isaiah 7:14 – Erik Eynikel: Response to: Tobias Nicklas, “Isaiah's Story about Christ? Trying to Understand Early Christian Perspectives on Isa 7:14” – Mikhael Seleznev: Christ of the Psalms' Story – Nenad Božović: Ps 2,7–8 im Narrativ des Markusevangeliums



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